Palazzo Rosso has been a working farm since at least the 17th century (we found a map from 1624 with the Villa already visible). It is made up of 400 acres of arable farm land which we manage with the help of our two children Peter and Daniela and two farmers, The first Luca has been working at Palazzo Rosso for the last 20 years. He grew up on the farm and who took over from his father who worked here for the previous 40 years. The second called Nawaz is from Pakistan and has been working with us for the last 5 years, he loves the diverse work and especially working with all of our animals.
We grow a variety of crops such as Wheat, Mais, Soia, Sugarbeet, Sunflowers, Rape seed, Barley, Alfalfa and Rye grass, some of which are organically certified (we have 45 acres of organically certified land). We also produce roughtly 50-70 tons of grapes for a local wine cooperative, which include Pinot, Sauvigno, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet.